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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Leasehold?
    In Bali, the leasehold title facilitates the transfer of usage rights, construction privileges, and sub-leasing permissions from the Lessor (Developer/Landowner) to the Lessee for a specified duration, typically 25 years. Leasehold contracts emerge as the preferred choice among foreign investors in the continuously expanding foreign tourism market. This preference is predominantly attributed to the seamless process of acquiring a leasehold property; foreign investors encounter no restrictions when purchasing leasehold properties, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of such investments.
  • What factors govern the extension of a lease?
    The criteria for extending a lease is established beforehand in the lease agreement. In terms of the extension right, the Lessee is granted priority to extend the land lease for an additional specified period, usually 25 years.
  • How is the price for extending the lease determined?
    The lease renewal price, is determined based on the appraisal values provided by three property agents appointed by both parties. The renewal price encompasses the land's value alone, assuming the land is vacant and devoid of any structures. This transparent and collaborative process ensures a fair and reliable determination of the lease extension terms and costs.
  • How are the payment terms structured for an off-plan villa investment?
    10% Reservation Deposit: Secure the villa with a 10% deposit, giving you ample time for due diligence. 25% Payment After Notary Due Diligence: Following a thorough notary due diligence process, a 25% payment is made. 3 Payments Based on Construction Progress (Foundation, Walls, etc.): Subsequent payments are tied to construction milestones, ensuring your investment aligns with the actual progress of the development, such as foundation completion and the construction of walls. 5% Retained with Notary until SLF: A 5% retention with the notary is maintained until Blue Kai issues the SLF (Property Use Permit) for your villa, providing an added layer of security for your investment. These structured payment terms prioritize transparency and safeguard your investment throughout the construction process.
  • What does the purchase price encompass?
    The purchase price covers all pertinent taxes, such as VAT, Leasehold Tax, Construction Tax, and others. Additionally, each villa is provided fully furnished and ready for AirBNB occupancy upon delivery.
  • Is villa management necessary for my property?
    Engaging villa management services is a strategic choice to streamline the complexities of operating a holiday rental. Blue Kai will offer you a dedicated management team that is poised to handle every facet of your holiday rental, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your guests.
  • What services are included in villa management?
    Villa management services typically include essential offerings such as: Optimization of sales and marketing strategies Comprehensive housekeeping and maintenance services 24/7 guest support and assistance Monthly accounting reports Certain companies go above and beyond, providing additional services like: Expert legal and tax consulting Personalized concierge services On-site breakfast amenities
  • Does the villa come fully furnished upon delivery?
    Certainly, our villas are delivered fully furnished and AirBNB-ready, showcasing meticulous selection and sourcing of high-quality materials. Our contract outlines a comprehensive list of all included furnishing items and appliances, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for buyers.
  • What assurances are in place for the property?
    We offer a 5-year structural guarantee and a 1-year guarantee on the interior, providing investors with a solid foundation of confidence in the property's durability and quality.
  • Could you share information about the contractor for this property?
    “Construct Bali”, our chosen contractor, boasts an impressive portfolio featuring some of Bali's most opulent developments. Collaborating with top-tier architects, they are renowned for delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and design excellence.

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